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SCRIP Program

There are hundreds of vendors who participate in this program. It’s a very simple way to raise money without dipping into your bank account for extra cash. This is money you would spend anyway.

Simply put:

Fill out a form located on the table in the dining room or click here.  Indicate the retailer, number of certificates you want, and the amount of the certificate(s).  Give Chellea Justema a check made out to First Congregational Church.  The retailers discount the certificates. If you buy D & W for $100, you get a certificate for $100. The retailer charges $97 and the church earns $3.  Retailers designate how much goes to the church from 1%-17%.  We have a wide range of certificates available: everything from your everyday grocery shopping to hotel certificates, departments stores and more, including internet vendors like Shutterfly!

Many people have asked, “Can I order scrip without writing a check?”  The answer now is “YES!”  By enrolling online and registering for PrestoPay, you are able to order and receive your scrip immediately from the comfort of your home computer or phone!  It is so easy. . . .it is so fast. . . .and it is such an easy way to raise funds for our church!  Take one of the easy-to-follow enrollment sheets home (located on the dining room rack) and find out just how simple it is to become an active online scrip participant!  Scrip orders will continue to be placed on the first Sunday of every month and Meijer $100 cards are available each month on a first-come, first-served basis until the cards are gone.  See Chellea Justema for more information on this super easy fundraiser!


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