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FCC is Awarded 2015 Vital Worship Grant!

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Because the culture around us is pulling our congregation away from God’s Word, we plan to engage and involve our members in a year of walking with Jesus through our worship. This experience will provide a deeper sense of God’s presence, not just for an hour on Sundays, but throughout their life. We will use various worship expressions to make the four Gospels come alive for our members, helping them connect and identify with the Word of God, apply it in their daily life, and respond to Jesus’ summons, “Walk with Me!”

Dear Friends,

Five years ago I attended a workshop at the Calvin Worship Symposium on Worship Renewal Grants. I took notes, listened to stories of other churches that had changed things up for a year and began to dream of pursuing such a grant for us. With the dedicated, prayerful and creative efforts of a team of church members including me, we put together a proposal to walk with Jesus for a year by spending our time in the four gospels. The Calvin Institute for Christian Worship chose 29 grant proposals from across the country and into Canada to receive Lilly Foundation monies to vitalize their worship. Ours was one of them! Some dreams take a while to realize…but are well worth the wait. Each month we will share on our website what will be happening in worship each Sunday of that month. (See below.)  This is the perfect opportunity to invite friends to join us in our services. Just as the Spirit guided our grant-writing process, so the Spirit will move as we expand our worship horizons, involving more folks and using their talents to deepen our experience.  (For more information about the 2015 Vital Worship Grants awarded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, click here.)

Rev. Laurie



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