Friday, May 26, 2017

Retirees & Friends Group

We are a group of seniors and retirees in the church, both couples and singles, that get together once a month and for a variety of events. We generally meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, but meeting dates vary according to the event.  We invite any member or friend of the church to join us for a very nice time with friends. We meet from April to December as many of our members go south for the winter.

Here is a tentative schedule of our events for 2016.  As the dates approach, view our Current and Upcoming Events posts for details!

May 16:  Flying Falcons War Museum, Greenville with Lunch at Winter Inn
HOSTS:  Dave & Mary Anne Burns

June 13:  Fish Fry Potluck at Weeks’ Home
HOST:  Milt & Alice Weeks

July:  Picnic at Park with Bee Presentation by Tom Mroczkowski
HOSTS:  Jim & Ruth Denison

August:  Tour of Windmill Island in Holland
HOSTS:  Barb Zenk & Ruth Denison

September:  Planetarium
HOSTS:  Judy Thomas

October:  Bingo at Veterans Home
HOSTS:  Don & Mary Hoogerhyde

November:  Cedar Springs Museum/Railroad Talk by D.M. White
HOST:  Bob & Geri Winegar

December:  Annual Christmas Potluck
HOSTS:  Barb Zenk, Livi Thiessen, Judy Thomas and everyone