Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prayer Shawl

“You created every part of me, knitting me in my Mother’s womb.  For such handiwork, I praise you.  Awesome this great wonder!”

Psalm 139:13-14

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is designed to help those as they undergo medical procedures, as a comfort after a loss, during bereavement, prayer, medication, birthing, nursing a baby, and many other uses. Care, love, and blessings are knit into every shawl to provide comfort or solace to the receiver. What a great way to share in Christ’s love together! Join the First Congregational Prayer Shawl Ministry Program! No experience necessary (someone will teach you to knit or crochet). Also, feel free to donate 3-5 skeins of Lion Brand yarn.

For more information, please contact Susan Cohen. You can also read more about this important ministry by clicking here.